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Get your most important messaging dialed in and delivered to your inbox in just 48 hours 🎉

For health & wellness businesses who want to sell their services, courses and memberships with more ease and more profit.

You need your copy written… like yesterday. 

And it needs *waving your arms* … something.

I hear you.

Here’s the thing…

My specific blend of geekery work best if you’re currently experiencing either of these:

You have existing copy, but it’s not working as well as you want it too.

You’ve lost hours sitting at your computer, surrounded by the carcasses of several cold cups of caffeine, as you ‌tweak 6 sentences… for zero increase in sales. Urgh! 

What you need: someone who’ll look at your sales copy, immediately identify what’s causing friction and take your digital work-horse from meh to marvelous.

Your launch plan feels overwhelming and you need some words – pronto!

Every time you look at the list of email copy, sales page copy, checkout copy, thank you page copy and order bump copy!? your adrenals give you ‘RUN FROM THE TIGER’ energy, which is deeply inconvenient when you really want the zen-like-calmness you need to get your funnel past the finish line.

What you need: someone to help you fill your funnel with effective sales copy so you can reclaim the space you need to recalibrate your nervous system (and breathe….)


Done for you copywriting with a 2-day turnaround, delivered directly to your inbox.


Get all the joy of filling your sales funnel with words that sound like you and sell your stuff, without any of the caffeine-fuelled fretting.

Here’s how this works

Tell me about your thing.

I’ll email you a questionnaire that will help me learn all about your business, your offer and your clients/ customers.

Meet me. 

This is on the Thursday you have booked in my calendar.
I’ll bring a cuppa and questions.
We can meet on Zoom, or chat asynchronously via Voxer.

I write, you do you.

The day after your call is your VIP writing day. Ideas from our conversation together will have percolated and they’ll be ready to be put into digital paper.
It helps if you’re available for quickie questions – but essentially your day is yours. Enjoy!

We call it a wrap and p-a-r-t-y

…like it’s 2021 (so at home, with wine). I’ll send your copy to your inbox on Monday morning after I’ve edited it with fresh eyes – and you have 48 hours to request edits 🎉.

What makes a Copy Scientist VIP day different?

Glad you asked. Here’s the lowdown.

We have a call, and I’m a coach

So when we talk, you’ll get a whole load of extra ooomph that we can weave through your sales pages and emails. Discovering sales page sparks like personality quirks, stories and points of relatability that’ll keep your readers hooked ’til the very last word.

i use your data to iNform what we do

Your sales page and emails aren’t an island. Together we’ll look at your numbers and the ecosystem your new words will live in. This un-sexy behind the scenes work eradicates friction points from your customer journey giving you lovely slippery slope down to the buy button.

If you’re a health-based business, I know how your offer works down to a molecular level.

I have an Applied Human Biology degree (1st class – yup, I’m that kind of geek), another in Industrial and Commercial Biotechnology and a Nutritional Therapy certification wafting around somewhere… which means you don’t have to compromise with generic statements or lose time for ‘research’. I get you. Unless you sell diet pills.

“Gemma is a top-notch copywriter and her specialism in structuring and writing online sales pages is second to none! ”

James Buckley | Hotmart

What you can get done on a VIP day

Unsure if what you have is a good fit? Ask me in the chat.‌

Sales Page

Get a short and irresistible sales page + thank you page so you can launch your new thing – pronto!


From scratch: 4-5 targeted emails + purchase confirmation email

Overhauling an existing funnel? It’ll be more like 5-7 emails OR 4 emails + sales page audit


Upgrade your existing sales page + an audit of your checkout process

Launch debrief (you’ll need to send me your numbers)

Is the VIP day right for me?

  • This is a great match for you if you:
  • Want a pro-copywriter to write your words without wilting on a multi-week wait list
  • Need to fill out the spaces in your launch plan that say ‘email’ and/or sales page… and know *exactly* when they’ll be delivered.
  • Want to pack your words with personality so you can skip salesy and hit your sales goals with more zing.
  • Like to get things DONE. Like… maybe last week? 😂
  • This is not a good fit for you if:
  • You aren’t sure what you’re selling or who your audience is.
  • You need a full launch writing from scratch. I no longer offer full launch packages but can recommend people who do.
  • You need someone to work inside your funnels during all of your launches, tracking the numbers and making upgrades as needed. You need a strategic partner – there’s no sales page for this offer, drop me an email and we’ll see if you’re a good fit.

Let’s get you booked in

Now booking Jan – Feb – March 2024

Your investment is $795

(or £649/ day -email me to book in pounds)

The time you book in is for your kick off call. Your VIP day will be the next day.

If you can’t find a day that works for you – hit the chat button.

Check the calendar, choose your date and then email me your date preference at or use the chat button to the right of the screen. I’ll send you over a payment link and manually book you in at my end.
This will be a direct conversion based on exchange rates on the day. As the strength of the British Pound SUCKS at the moment, your number will be higher than the £ figure (today it’s USD $898  and € 815  but actually you’ll be getting a really good deal. For context when I ran my business in USD only – I charged $1300 for a sales page.

Client Love

Gemma is a top-notch copywriter and her specialism in structuring and writing online sales pages is second to none! On a personal level, she is effervescent and a joy to interact with. I have absolutely no hesitancy in using her again or recommending her 🙂

james buckley

Business Owner

It was wonderful working with Gemma on the sales page for my course. The results far outweighed my expectations, which were already pretty high! She went out of her way to create copy targetted on my perfect customer, and I have no doubt that it resulted in significantly more sales. 

ian anderson gray

Founder at Seriously Social

I didn’t know how to make people see my offer as interesting, appealing and unique and how to make people want it. I honestly found the whole experience exceeded my expectations. I am so pleased with the results – not only did I get brilliant sales copy, Gemma thought of all the things I would have missed, and made suggestions that helped me create a better product. Most importantly though, the copy led to me exceeding my sales goals!

maya harish

Maya Harish Naturopathy

Gemma has completely redefined what copywriter means to me. I mean, there are copywriters and I have worked with copywriters, but Gemma is in a league of her own. I mean the psychology that goes into it is absolutely second to none. My only hesitation about telling you how amazing Gemma is, is that I’m afraid I’m going to lose her. I want to keep her all to myself as my little secret.

chaya ben shabat

Digging Deeper for Success

I cannot say enough about Gemma and her ability to create and craft the most beautiful sales pages. I was blown away by Gemma’s ability to get into the psychology of my clients. There was barely anything I needed to change. When she gave me my sales page I felt like she knew me better than I knew me. I’m so happy that before that job was even done. I hired her to do another one.

bella vasta

Jump Consulting

I’m ready to take the next step
still got


This is a great match for you if: you know your audience really well and your offer is built to serve a problem they know they have.

If you have existing copy that needs an overhaul – even better.

This is not a good fit for you if: you’re unsure who your offer is for, or you’re new to coaching this particular type of client. You need to be able to answer the question “what language are they using to talk about their problem in their heads.”

This is also not a good fit for you if you want a long form sales page from scratch. These take a week and I’m not currently offering this service. (I can overhaul sections of an existing long form sales page though.)

If you’re any of these ^^^ simply drop a message over there in the chat bot and I’ll help you suss out your next steps/ share other copywriter recommendations 🙂

If you try Voxer before our day together (we can play!) and dislike it, we can try something else.

Telegram is the best alternative if you use that already.

Voice notes are simply a great way to chat things out of your head and for me to find gold in your answers.

This depends entirely on what you want me to do.

If you have one contained project eg: a short-medium sales page, and give me everything I need in the kick off call and promptly reply to my messages then I should probably finish the page.

If you turn up to the kick off call and you’re unsure who your audience is, your offer needs reworking and your messaging needs a makeover we may spend most of the day fixing these foundational elements and you’ll need to buy more time with me to get the thing itself done.

If you have a list of things, we’ll prioritise it in the morning and I’ll do the most important ones first.

Note: You’re buying my day, not the finished thing. I cannot guarantee something will be finished, but I’ve done this for years so I know how long I take to write when given everything I need 🙂

You can email or Vox me with edit requests within 3 days of delivery.

These are edits (ie. minor changes) and not a rewrite.