strategy & implementation sessions for coaches, introverts & busy people

“I should have said this…

^^^ me after every face to face conversation. You too?

Let me see if I’m about right here.

There is a thing you need to do in your business right now, but something is holding you back. Ideally you’d like to eradicate that ‘something’ as soon as possible.

And solving your current challenge in a sixty-minute Zoom call is super tempting…

The only thing is…

  • Right now one of these feels freakishly familiar.
  • You’re:
  • Working from home with a partner/ dog/ kids who don’t understand “I’m working” and will appear 3 minutes into every meeting with needy eyes and a mouth full of questions.
  • Prone to stress answering too quickly to avoid looking stupid and then regret it. You work much better when you’re given space to process your ideas, feelings and questions. 
  • Short on energy. The intensity of Zoom calls requires more than you’ve got to give in one huge dollop – and you’ll lose the rest of your days worth of productivity recovering.
  • Desperately seeking freedom in your calendar. You want the flexibility to make a hot chocolate for 15 minutes and STILL achieve your goals. 🎉🎉🎉

Zoom has been awesome to survive lockdown,

…no doubting that.

But now there’s a new tool on the block. One that is under-rated but incredibly valuable…

Voice Notes!

And not just any voice notes — a walkie talkie app. My inner child is rejoicing right now. Walkie talkies were NEVER this good in the 80’s. 

My app of choice is Voxer (though we can use Telegram). This allows you to:

  • Send and receive typed notes
  • Send and receive voice notes you can re-listen to over and over again 
  • Have real time conversations (if you switch the walkie talkie feature on)

Without ever sharing your phone number. Introverts rejoice!

Oh heck yes – show me my options
voxer messaging is why you’ll never pay for zoom calls ever again

Voice messaging allows you to have meetings on your terms.

With voice notes you → remove the pressure to perform. You have time to see if your strategy feels right for you and your business before you feel the need to reply.

With voice notes you → work to your own schedule. No rushing to makes calls or worrying you’ll be too tired to make good use of the session.

With voice notes you → process thoughts in your own time.

You may be wondering where the space comes from. 

When we work together you get to choose whether you prefer a 1 hour or 8 hour slot to work in.

This means you can utilise some of your most powerful problem solving techniques like:

  • Taking a shower
  • Going for a walk
  • Making an epic hot chocolate
  • Calling your business bestie
  • Journaling out your feelings
  • Mocking up your new course logo in Canva…

Whatever it is that helps you unfold and start playing with new ideas and concepts is fair game when you have time and space to process your thoughts.

And you don’t need to be working for all of the hours you book into your schedule. It simply means I’m here for you in your time slot #nopressure. So you can take your dog to the vets, unpack your weekly shop and raid your kids jelly bean stash at your leisure. No biggie.

no pressure sessions – i’m in!

Want can I get done in a 60 minute strategy session?

Glad you asked. Here are a few ideas:

  • Getting clear on your messaging and how to stand out
  • Mapping out a funnel incl. Brainstorming lead magnet ideas and emails
  • Mapping out your launch plan
  • Outlining an email strategy and deciding what to say, and when.
  • Upgrading your homepage (or services page) to boost sales
  • Outlining the structure of your sales page – what to put where.
  • Talking through your previous launch – and how you’d do things differently next time.
  • … and if you choose the 8 hour slot to implement alongside me, you can create those assets too.

How this works


get booked in & say hi

Simply eyeball my calendar and pick a slot/ day that works for you. Once you’ve completed the booking process you’ll get a video in your confirmation email that shows you how to use Voxer (in case you need it.)


on your day

I’ll send you a message at the beginning of your session to say hello, and you’ll reply when you’re ready. Alternatively, you can beat me to it! You’re welcome to leave messages before our time together and I’ll listen and reply when our time together starts.


Get what you need

Your session is dictated by what you need and how you prefer to be supported. We can talk through any jumbled thoughts you have, work in shared docs and I can send video reviews of existing copy/ webpages / sales pages / emails.

At the end of our session we’ll review where you are – and then celebrate the progress you’ve made 🎉🎉🎉

“Working through Voxer for me, is extraordinary. The individual attention is priceless. I love it”

Andrea Cristancho | The Health Accountant

Let’s get you booked in

Now booking Jan – Feb – March 2024

strategy ONLY
1 hour


or £99 (email me to book in £)

This is the closest thing to the traditional power hour.

You turn up at the time you booked and we work through what you bring within one hour… with flexibility if you need thinking space to make a start, and agree how many minutes are left to pick up later that day.

strategy & implementation
8 hours


or £320 (email me to Book in £)

My favourite. Get your strategy sorted AND write your thing with on call copy coaching to keep you blazing forwards.

It’s accountability – caffeinated. I’ll be on hand to answer any questions and review any copy.

case study

How strategy & implementation sessions worked for Andrea.

Andrea came to me with a lead magnet she needed help overhauling in anticipation of a new lead gen campaign.

Like many coaches, her business had evolved and she was now talking to two completely different audiences . The words on her website did not align with the words she was using when she was in her element, talking in person. The problem this created was that neither audience felt entirely sure whether they were in the right place when they landed on her website, creating a ton of friction in her sales process.

Andrea decided to refocus her priorities for the day and we worked together to get clear on her audience and exactly what she needed to say to uniquely position herself and her work so she could easily stand out.

“I identified who my message is targeting. I now realise I’m talking to the leader of a team – and I didn’t see this before. This is a huge realisation, and now I can see all of these changes I can make to my offers, and that all this time I’ve been diluting my message.”

Andrea Cristancho | Strategy & Implementation sessions day one #win via voice note.

Andrea booked a second day and her offer suite was next on the hit list. How could we make these more desirable to founders? There was a quick fix that transformed these into a no-brainer yes.

“I’m walking away with a level of clarity that I haven’t had in a long time”

The rest of the day we used to get strategic with her messaging. Drawing up a document that outlined how Andrea could talk about her ideas and offers on her website, in social media, in seminars… pretty much everywhere!

” I feel energised, I have so much clarity and the best of it is that I’m confident the gap in my copy is getting sorted. I have a new anchor and that’s the greatest outcome – I have one word that ties everything I create for content and pitches. This new identity has given me force, which is priceless.

What has surprised me most about this process is speed. If I had this at the beginning of my business I would easily have tripled my revenue.

Andrea Cristancho | Strategy & Implementation sessions day two #win via voice note

Andrea then canceled plans later in the week so she could book immediately onto another day (way to go Andrea!) She used this extra day to rewrite the first part of her lead gen funnel and outline a new about page.



You can either:

  1. Reschedule: On the appointment confirmation, there is a reschedule button. Simply click it to reschedule. This must be more than 24 hours before your timeslot.
  1. Leave questions and/or links to your Google Doc BEFORE our time together and I’ll answer them in our time slot. 

Chat to me anywhere with phone reception. It may not be your desk, but you should still be able to get a huge amount of value from our time together even if life has gotten in the way.

If I have availability then you’re welcome to block on more time… especially if you have a power hour session and feel excited to implement immediately with the help of a pro-copywriter.

Just let me know at the end of the session and I’ll send over a stripe link to get you booked in. 

If you know now that you want the support of a copy coach – book the time in now. I do limit the number of spaces so you get the 1:1 time you need.

Feeling uneasy about Voxer notes? Or feel more comfortable with a face? I hear you. 

I was the same when I got started. Book the standard way and then drop me a message to tell me to make it a Zoom call and I’ll email a link over 🙂

You can reschedule if you can’t make our session (as long as it is more than 24 hours until we meet).

If you’re super sick on the day – let me know. I get that life happens (please allow the same grace if this happens to me!) Just drop me an email or message on Voxer so I’m not sat around like a lemon. Do not wait until later that day…

If you miss the session, there is no refund. I will have waited for you the whole duration of the session. You are paying for direct access to me, whether you utilise this or not. I will have provided what you paid for, even if you don’t show up.

If you’re bringing copy that isn’t working and you want to chat about why, I may add comments, and suggestions into the document, and will likely make videos showing you what is and isn’t working – and leave very specific feedback on how to improve it, but I will not write copy for you. I have a Done in a Day service which will be a better fit if you don’t want to DIY.

LET’s chat

“I’m Gemma and I freakin’ love having space to think (and to scribble…)

Being asked to answer immediately is the sweaty palm cave of doom where my creativity goes to die.

I remember the first time a 1:1 client asked if they could pay me £200 to just ‘jump on a Zoom call’ to chat through some ideas. I spent the whole time wishing I could jot out ideas without them staring at me expecting immediate answers 🤣. My process is expansive. Don’t even bother giving me A4 paper. It’s A3 or nothing.

This way of working kicks butt because everything is custom fitted to where your energy wants to take you. I gift you the space and freedom to explore what feels aligned and supports the vision you have for you and your business.

oooh – A3 me!