Grow your health business with sales copy as quirky as you are.

Weave your quirky/ geeky/ outspoken self into your website copy, emails and socials with the help of a pro-copywriter who loves helping people as much as you do.

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Hey, I’m Gemma – Copywriter, coach, marketing geek and tea drinking child wrestler.

(Don’t worry, I only wrestle my own kids)

Back in 2018 I started writing about Psoriasis online and struggled to stand out like a breath in the wind. It didn’t take long to realise the missing part of the formula was my personality (which at the time sucked, because personalty smushing was a free bonus I’d earned alongside my MSc).

The truth is, the only thing that differentiates you from other coaches, therapists and clinicians is your personality.

So obviously I hired retrained as a copywriter. It only took a few granny chair chats with clients to realise they were all struggling with the same thing. That typing words that accurately reflect who you are AND communicate the impact you can have in this world is surprisingly difficult, especially when you’re asking someone to buy from you.

That’s where I come in, together we’ll find the parts of your quirky, geeky, outspoken self that connect you to your perfect fit clients so you can skip that sales-y feeling and do what feels good to grow your business. Hurrah!

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Get Geeky on the Weekly

Join fellow health geeks who want to grow with marketing and sales strategies that feel as good together as PB & J (blackcurrant J.)

get stuff done

Three ways we can work together

Copy review

Taking your home crafted copy from ‘done’ to deliciously you so you can stop wondering if your work is rubbish and instead publish wow-worthy words.

On-call copywriter

Get me as your sales savvy sidekick for 5 whole days with unlimited copy reviews and strategy sessions via voice notes. If you have a project you need to get done – book this.

VIP Day Intensive

Get your words (re)written and delivered in just 48 hours – perfect for underperforming webpages, sales pages and emails.

freebie for new health coaches

Grow your health coaching business from scratch

I made this for the gorgeous coaches on my heath coaching program to give them a head start in business.

I’m sharing this with you too – for $0 in the hope it helps you carve a path to build a business that inspires you on the daily.

I felt your passion all the way through 😍😍

(Private feedback in Whatsapp – Thanks J!)