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Your home crafted copy…

…caffeinated for clicks, shares and sales.

For health and wellness coaches (and newbie copywriters) who want to write their own words with the guidance of an experienced sales specialist copywriter.

If you’ve taken your work as far as you can – and can’t see how to make it better (but know it can be) then this is for you.

Writing your own copy is like putting on liquid eyeliner…

It starts well, but by the end… you don’t even know which bit needs editing. Something just isn’t-quite-right.

When you book your copy in with me, you’ll get my sales-savvy eyeballs all over what you’ve written.

Here’s how it works:

You send me your webpage or Google doc using the form (behind the button below) and I’ll either send back a 5-8 minute video outlining the edits I recommend, or if you send a Google Doc – I’ll add comments and notes within the doc itself. You’ll get this back on Thursday.

What can you use it for? SO many things…

Here are a few examples:


Make sure your services and coaching packages are really selling the benefits you offer… while staying on the right side of the rules! Closer to a sales page than a typical services page, these can be really hard to get right. Let me help you optimise your offer so you can fill your diary with lovely clients you want to work with.


There is no harder page to write than one about yourself. Let me help you find the bits of awesome you keep deleting because it feels a bit too cringy! Great for homepages and service pages too.


You’ve written a nurture/welcome emails series, or a sales sequence to sell your thing… and you want to make sure it’s optimised for the job it is supposed to do. Think of me as Night Nurse for your email woes. I got you.

“I had the first sale without me doing any work at all – someone from LinkedIn went on the sales page and bought! No call, nothing! Perfect!”

– mark deeks | music for meditation
behind the scenes

How this works.

New to copy reviews? Watch this.

Video coming soon!



You can fast track this for an additional fee. Simply check the fast track box when you checkout. This will get you your copy back within 48 hours.

As you submit your copy at the same time as you pay your invoice – you should not need a refund. I will try and be as helpful as possible – if I have not reviewed your copy at the time of your request then I will refund you, minus an admin charge for the time my VA will charge me to manually process this for you. If I have already reviewed your copy, then there is no refund.

Within reason… you may ask me questions that can be answered in under three minutes for 5 days after delivery. These must be sent via the Voxer voice note app or via email and they must be about the copy I have reviewed – if you want to ask me broader business questions then book my Get Sorted week of access and we can chat for as long as you like.

There is an upload option on the booking form, if you have any troubles, send it to me by email… just make sure you tell me who you are so I can add it to your booking form in my calendar!