Hey coach,

I was asked how I would grow a coaching business from scratch (…well I was asked for tips, but without effective foundations in place you’ll lose oodles of time so I refuse to give them unless I know your business in depth) , so here is what I wish I had known when I first started out online, and how I’ll grow my own business when I qualify as a health coach. The best news is it’s £0 and there’s no sales pitch. Whoop Whoop!

Just 100% pure value.

For the sake of usefulness, here are time stamps… I advise you watch the beginning before you skip to the time you’re interested in. It is REALLY important!

This is information and my opinion and not advice. I only give advice to clients. If you want to be a client – click here.

kkk, here it is, enjoy 🙂


Start- Finding your North Star

5.30 – Getting clear on your message so your people know who you are, what you do and WHY THEY SHOULD CARE.

10.30- Niching. Yeah…. I spent some time here…. with many examples.

26.37- Where your people are at and the rule of one. You won’t want to hear this but it’s critical for your sanity (and time).

31.00- How to sell one thing all year without being boring.

And then…the 12 month map of how I’ll sell my coaching offers. Please don’t skip straight to here… everything that came before is to make sure you build a YOU shaped business. My timeline is to show you one way of going about things and why I made the decisions I did. Use as inspiration and ideas.

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