I’m Gemma.

Research scientist turned ultra-geeky copywriter, copy coach and stereotypical british tea drinker.

We’re only 16 words in and you’re probably wondering why y’ello? 

And The Copy Scientist?

Lets gets these answered for you…


I grew up in city where the people are called Cod Heads and the letter H is optional.

It’s a place called Hull in the north east of England. When I lived there it was voted crap town #1 in the whole of the UK, pretty impressive right! Since that glorious day of acknowledgement, major investment means Hull is now proud to boast City of Culture status which celebrates its rich maritime history. 

So us down to earth folk from ‘ull say ‘ello when we greet friends. And because saying ‘ello unleashes a decades old accent I’ve spent years trying to hide, at some point I added a cheery Y to make y’ello. I CAN spell Hello. I promise.

Why the Copy Scientist?

The Copy Scientist came about after many granny chair chats with coaches who felt frustrated with the results of their launches. 

I noticed more often than not, when coaches start to grow and scale their businesses, they look at what is working for everyone else. Then they try to replicate it. Even when they have a different offer… a different audience… and a different personality.

What frustrated me the most was how much these coaches hated the process. Business stopped being fun and became hard, intense and exhausting. Urgh! That’s not what anyone signed up for when they started their business – right!?

I realised I could take what I learned as a scientist, and apply it to my clients sales process to increase revenue at a pace that suits their energy. To grow their businesses using methods that align with their vision of what it means to them to be the owner of a health based business.

If you’re an established coach, you can get insight into how you can do this here: Launch like a Scientist. ‘Tis a 3 min read.

If you’re a brand new coach – watch this instead: How to start a coaching business from scratch (I should charge for the value crammed into this but it’s yours for $0).

Copywriting… you any good?

I write for my own businesses (I have two + a passion project called It’s Psoriasis) and I spent years writing for client launches. I’ve only just re-opened my books to writing clients so I’m short on data for right now, but before I took an extended break for my fourth maternity break my client retention rate was 97% – which means almost every client went on to hire me for additional work once we completed our first project together.

I’m too British to share my numbers online, but my investment in professional development is at an amount my husband no longer wants to hear about.

(But Gemma… have you taken any courses?)

^^^ I hear you. One of my strengths is a love of learning so I have a database of courses I’ve taken (yes, I’m a Geek) so to save on overwhelm (I’m going to assume you don’t want to see my database right now) this is a loose overview. Needless to say I’ve taken most of the 10X programs by Copy Hackers, learned landing pages from the legend that is Eddie Shleyner, almost everything by Daniel Throssell, I fan girl Ash Ambirge. I learned branding from Dre Beltrami, email from Chris O and added personality punch with the spunky teachings of Laura Belgray and Justin Blackman. I’m currently a member of Copy Chief with Kevin Rogers- submitting copy on the regular and competing in their monthly copy challenges. Check out my cap and shirt (image coming soon)!

While we’re listing courses I’m uniquely positioned to write about what you do because I have a first class degree in applied human biology, a distinction level masters degree in molecular biology, a certification in Nutritional Therapy and my current ‘in progress’ training as a health coach. I get how you help people.

Wait… you’re also a health coach!?

Kinda…. I’m peering out shyly from behind my MacBook right now…

I’m currently training as a health coach with FMCA (Functional Medicine Coaching Academy). I love it, but it turns out I love helping coaches grow their businesses more. Helping coaches like you means I can blend my desire to help people and my fascination with health together. Perfecto!


Here’s what I learned:

–> the skills you learn when you train to be a coach are the same skills you need to sell. I know – 🤯 but also 🥳.

The problem is that selling can feel out of alignment when you’re a natural giver, helper or healer. Which you probably are. I’m going to guess you are…

And health and wellness coaches often struggle to convey the impact they can have, which makes attracting and signing clients harder than it needs to be. I can help you take the skills you already have to help you sell with ease in a way that feels aligned and exciting. 🙌

I heard a rumour you run in-person events, is this true?

I’ll be running copywriting retreats from February 2024 onwards for established health and wellness coaches in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside (U.K) in a luxury lakeside cabin in the woods – but you need to be a Geeky on the Weekly subscriber to be invited (join here, it’s free.)

Do you really, actually love tea?

Last week’s food diary logged me in at 12 cups a day. So yes, I really, really enjoy drinking tea. I don’t usually (ever) enjoy keeping food diaries.

I’m in, what do I do next?

All you need to do is decide on what type of project you want to get done, choose a date in my diary and get yourself booked in.

You can do all of those glorious things here: work with me 🙂

The official bio + geeky bits

Gemma is an research scientist turned science teacher turned copywriter, lover of humans and a profligate tea drinker. She started training as a copywriter after her first attempt at writing a website sucked so hard she could barely look at it, let alone share it with the world.

With a BSc in Applied Human Biology (First Class), MSc in Industrial and Commercial Biotechnology (Distinction), a Certification in Nutritional Therapy and Functional Medicine Health Coaching (qualification in progress), she has an unparalleled insight into how mind-body medicine can make positive change in our world.

An advocate for psoriasis, her prodcast The Psoriasis Geek has been downloaded thousands of times and her writing has been published by The British Skin Foundation, Health Union, The European Medical Group and Leo Pharma UK/IRL.

For more information about working with Gemma click here.